About Us

What is the Garden District?

The Garden District is the neighborhood where we grew up in Warren, Ohio. It's an area where nothing is given and everything is earned. The homes we grew up in and the schools we went to are no longer standing. Sometimes they plant gardens on these vacant lots. Nothing grows on it's own though, you have to work your ass off for it. 


How did you decide to get started? 

We love motorcycles, old school tattoos, pin up girls, metal music and living life our own way. We hate overpaying for shirts and hoodies. So how do we fix that? Draw our own designs and sell them for a reasonable price. Through this process of starting our own store, one thing has become unavoidably apparent - everyone else is making a fortune on this shit. Sometimes selling out is the goal, so good for them. But that's not what we have in mind. We wanted to put out into the world a low cost way to have rad apparel. That's it. We are going to wear it whether you buy it or not. We've found the most cost efficient high quality solutions to producing our clothes and decided to pass those savings on to you. 


Who are you?

Zeb is a Logger by day and artist by night. Building bikes, riding everywhere (as much as Ohio weather will allow) and always finding an adventure are just a small part of who he is. He grew up with an admiration for the art of David Mann, an appreciation of bike and tattoo culture and the understanding that if you want it, you have to work for it. 

Megan is a writer turned corporate stooge. She has always enjoyed twisted stories, skulls, tattoos and having her hair in the wind. Having been described as "peaches and cream outside but wild as hell inside" is about as accurate as you can get. Never afraid to dig deep and do the dirty work, she thrives on Zeb's artistic passions and steps in to support him wherever he needs it. 

Their powers combined bring you a husband and wife duo that set out every day to set the world on fire and bring their bitchin' shirts to your front door. If there's more you want to know, we'd love to hear from you at gardendistrictclothing@gmail.com